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1850's German violin, Fussen region

€ 4.200,00

A fine German violin with an apocryphal ‘Nicolaus Amatis fecit in Cremona’ label  from the Fussen violin-making town in Bavaria, Germany from about 1850.

It has many remarkable traits, including the fine purfling position beautifully incorporated into the apex of the scoop over the edges, the very petite and open scroll in the Amati style, the expert antiquing, touches of varnish craqueleure about the c-bouts and corners, the very fine wood throughout, bushed peg-holes, faked neck-graft line and faked cracks on the upper treble bout as was a practice at the time. 

At 361mm, the relatively long body gives it a very elegant overall look. 

This violin has a unique voice, exquisite and mellow but projects very well.  Early / baroque music pieces sound particularly good played on it. 

Ref: PFV 51

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