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Beginner Contemporary full size violin, set up with Thomastik Vision strings

€ 600,00

Contemporary full size violin outfit, set up with Thomastik Vision strings.

This is a good value contemporary violin that I sourced in the UK a while back, and sold to one of my customers who played it for a while and returned with it to me when he came to upgrade to his next violin.

It has nice ebony pegs, fingerboard and chinrest and a modern and very functional Wittner integrated tail-piece. The nut and bridge are perfectly adjusted for nice playing action.

It has been newly re-strung with a set of Thomastik Vision strings and I opted to put a Westminster E string on for extra sweetness.

The violin has a good, warm evenly distributed tone across the four strings, with a nice, snappy response. It comes with a case and a bow.

Ref: PFV 164

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