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Early 19th Century fine European violin

€ 9.000,00

Early 19th century extremely fine transitional European violin most likely from the former Tyrol region. 

Master craftsmanship of the very best level in all details.  Notice the consistent meeting of the rib corners with the table and back corners, melding into each other seamlessly.  The neck elongation is expertly done, with a beautiful scroll graft on one side and a fine ebony crescent-shaped button collar on the other. 

Use is evident from the hand-wear at the extremity of the scroll.  Each of the four peg-holes has been heavily bushed.  Some wear is evident at the upper treble bout, but in general it is in incredibly fine condition. 

The interesting purfling is positioned at the apex of the scoop-edge, and has been carefully replaced in sections.  This violin has a rich, creamy smooth character.  It is unbelievably sweet and rewarding to play and manages to sound beautiful no matter what key you choose to play in. 

It is stamped ‘Louis Collenot’ to the inside back, and perhaps passed through Collenot’s workshop at one time, but is of an order higher quality craftsmanship than Collenot’s typical output  and is not by his hand. The arching, f-hole finishing and shape share elements of Stainer and Amati styling and altogether contribute to a fascinating and impressive atmosphere about this unique and beautiful violin.

Ref: PFV 79

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